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7 de mar de 2009

Lifehouse digitally issued "Broken" in July 2008. The third single from Lifehouse's fourth studio album "Who We Are", peak positions were accrued upon The Billboard Hot 100 (#89), Billboard's Pop 100 (#74), and Billboard's Hot Digital Songs (#70). Additionally, the song featured upon both The Canadian Hot 100 (#84), and New Zealand's Top 40 (#21). Kiefer Sutherland, lead actor of the Fox TV hit series '24' and co-owner of Ironworks Records (which boasts Lifehouse amongst its artist roster), helmed the direction of the track's music video. To date, the song has been heard in several North American television shows, namely; "Grey's Anatomy" ("Lay Your Hands On Me"), "Criminal Minds" ("In Birth and Death"), "One Tree Hill" ("For Tonight You're Only Here to Know"), and "General Hospital" (2007's thanksgiving episode). 

During late August, it was revealed that Lifehouse would begin work upon their fifth studio album. With a tentative late 2009 release date being mooted, the outfit entered a recording studio in early November.
By late October, it was announced that "Who We Are" had achieved Gold certification in the United States, meaning that half a million copies of the full length had been shipped in that very country. To discuss "Broken", as well as tentative plans to record a fifth studio album, Lifehouse lead vocalist / guitarist Jason Wade participated in an email interview.

UG: 'Who We Are' has received a Gold certification courtesy of the RIAA. Could you supply background details regarding the album, and how you feel it elevated the group towards the next level?
Jason Wade: For Lifehouse, 'Who We Are' was a great leap forward. Co-producing the full length alongside manager Judy Cole was both an amazing experience, and a necessary step in terms of Lifehouse's development.

A music video was filmed in support of "Broken". Could you talk through the filming of the actual music video, and the storyline it entails?
In short, "Broken"'s music video paints the picture of a dark daydream. Us walking through a tunnel inaugurates the video, and that resembles an out of body experience almost. When I get out of the tunnel, I see a horrible car accident. As I walk up to the car, I realize it's me in the wreck. Upon realizing this, I run back through the tunnel, and attempt to get back into the car. I snap out of this bad day dream, and drive on, thus ending the video.

Actor Keifer Sutherland directed the music video in support of "Broken". How did he come to direct the video, and what directing style do you feel Sutherland utilizes?
Whilst listening to the song a little while back, Kiefer came up with the video's concept. Working with him was a great experience; with all of the expressions and very moments, Kiefer was extremely hands on. With him handling direction, acting in the music video was extremely easy.

What does the track's lyrical content concern, and how do you feel that fuses against the track's musical content?
After visiting a friend in Nashville, I wrote "Broken". That friend needed a new kidney, and was going through a rough time. I feel like hanging out with him. I absorbed what he was going through, and wrote "Broken" at four in the morning whilst in my hotel room. In the music, a certain amount of pain and desperation is prevalent. At the same time though, the track's lyrics contain a sense of hope. That contrast is quite powerful, I feel.

Will more singles be released in support of 'Who We Are'?
Whether more singles will be released from 'Who We Are', I'm not sure.

In August 2008, Lifehouse announced that the group would begin recording its fifth album. When did songwriting sessions begin?
Right now, we're writing new material.

Who's been chosen to produce the album?
In all likelihood, 'Who We Are''s successor will be co-produced by the group, and Jude Cole.

What lyrical themes will the album document?
Upon 'Who We Are''s successor, I'm not exactly sure which direction the lyrics will venture towards. Of late however, I've written lyrics regarding other individual's experiences. When nothing of interest happens in my life, I try to imagine myself in someone else's shoes, and write from that perspective.

What musical stylings prevalent upon past recordings will the album feature, and what new ingredients will be incorporated?
Staying away from the duplication of our past work is extremely important to us - creatively speaking, we want to continually push ourselves forward. As long as we're inspired and the tracks themselves are inspired, we'll be alright, I think. When you write a song, it has to mean something to you, and resonate inside. Otherwise, that track won't connect to anyone else. I've always believed that.

What will the album be entitled?
We haven't firmly decided upon an album title, yet.

Where will the album be recorded?
The record will likely be recorded at my house, and at Ironworks Studio.

What song titles can you reveal?
We cannot reveal any song titles at this time - these tracks are still works in progress.

Which song has been selected as the album's inaugural single?
It's too early to decide which track will be the album's inaugural single.

When does the group hope to film a music video?
It's additionally early to gather thoughts regarding music videos in support of the new album.

Has a tentative release date been pencilled in?
Hopefully, the record will be issued sometime during 2009. It's too early to discuss a tentative release date, however.

When Lifehouse's fifth album is issued, how do you feel that will affect the group's profile?
Right now, we're focused upon writing a great record. How an album will be received is always anyone's guess, though our central goal is not to become complacent, and not to be content with where the group is at. We want to move forward, and push ourselves.

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